As you come in your bedroom, I am dressed. I’m dressed in such a way that it leaves you breathless. I have a red corset on with a pair of black heels on. The design on the corset is intricate as the black swirls around my breasts and down my sides. Your eyes feast upon my body. The very moment you step toward the bed, my finger adorned with the ring you gave me goes to your second favorite dessert and rubs the cherry on top of the pie. As my eyes close, I begin to tease you mercilessly by tasting my own filing. I demanded you watch me and stay until I said you can walk. The moment I started to roll my nipple in between my fingers your eyes went crazy as if you were ready to pounce. I told you to eat your pie. It wasn’t a slow move as you dropped your bag and dived into my cherry pie head first, tasting and licking it. You were eating your fill as if you were being greedy. You were poking out of your pants, just about ready to escape. I said to fuck me, nice and slow. I’ll let you know when you can change pace. You went in slow, thinking it was making me want it faster. I told you I want to be on top. The moment I said that you went crazy and stroked mercilessly into my pie. I was so close to coming but you wanted to prove a point. “Are you going to tease me again” as you pounded me to squirt. “Yes, of course I will! As you wrapped your fingers around my neck and kept going. I squeezed you nice and tight as log as you were in me, I wanted you to enjoy me. Take your fill. You came as you bit where my neck and collarbone. I couldn’t help but moan as you bit me, mixing pain and pleasure. ” Thank You, may I have some more?” As you laughed and spanked me.


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