What is paradise? Some call it Heaven, others say its a getaway in one of the beautiful places on Earth. Personally, I think it’s my dreams. Lol. Without any further adeiu, another instillation of erotica. (I know damn well this is going into left field but this was my dream from last night)


As the light reached my eyes, I couldn’t help but to open them. I was absolutely tired from all the time I spent with family, friends, and of course this man next to me. As I stare at his face, I get a truly good look at his face. The way his scruff reaches his cheeks, his long eyelashes, and the way the gray in his beard matches the various amounts of wisdom he has. My brown eyes wander farther as I see that he still has on his slacks from last night. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure he undressed me. “What a typical man, wanting a woman named and waiting for him in the bed.” I whispered to his sleeping body. I giggled a little too loud and at that point I felt I was caught, but I kept oggling him anyway. Going down further, I saw his belly button and the fact he had no belly like I did. Mine was a bubble where his was flat. Thinking back on how hard we partied I didn’t care about my belly at that point. I had jersey club music playing, then it all went downhill from there. He didn’t see anything new, but this time there was a pretty big ring on my finger and his daughter was perfectly fine with dancing on the dancefloor with me. She was adorable in her white dress and being one of my closest confidants. She wanted me to help her pick out the dress she wore. I felt honored. She really does like me. That’s good. Her and I danced for a whole twenty minutes or so it seemed. After while, my sister had asked if she can borrow me for a while. As I was thinking, he cut in and asked if he can dance with his daughter. I, of course, let him.

We were walking away and my sister in her royal blue dress had began to cry. She was actually crying. “Shante, I’m so happy for you. You found love and you kept it. I just wanted to say I was sorry about the things I said to you. I love you. I miss you.” I had a get a little teary-eyed at that. “It’s okay my love. Go and party. Enjoy it!” As she went inside, I started to cry myself. All the insecurities I had about my size, my skin, my minor depression detail, he took it all and he handled it. He handled it without breaking a sweat. God blessed me with this man. Sitting out here in the empty, quiet area gave me some time to worship God. Lifting my hands and actually thanking Him. What I didn’t know was there was someone watching and they began to worship Him too. It was my husband of course. We were silent after a while and he had an understanding of what I was thinking in my head. Mr. Caribbean always did. “Let’s go back to the party. We have guests wondering where ya went. When we go back together, they’re going to assume you gave me some of that cherry pie.” I giggled. “You can’t have any!!!” And with that I ran back to the party. I couldn’t help the predatory look in his eyes as I ran into the party. I loved it. I remembered everything about our day but now here I am still oggling him like he was some new crush of mine. “You can take pictures you know, it’ll last longer.” His smooth voice woke me out of my oggling. “Jesus Christ!” As I jumped five feet in the air. He scared me with just his voice. His hand moved from his side to his belt on his pants. “Good morning, gorgeous. My gorgeous.” With his other hand, he pulled me in and kissed me. The white corset I had on was then palmed and massaged. I smiled. He loved the type of embroidery it had. As he was unbuckling his belt I was nervous. Why? Because we were on this island, with just him and I. No one else. It was the first time we had been together with no one around. Of course it made me nervous. We’re about to be together!! He let his monster out. My, my was it a sight to see. It was long and it also had girth. It was a little vieny, but isn’t everything. He had a look in his eye. I loved that look. Just as he was about to initiate our sexual tango, I stopped him. “You have no control. I do.” As he laid back, I slid down to his member and I breathed on it. Nothing too serious, just a little hot breath. He jumped as I blew it. “Shhh, its okay.” As I blew on it one last time before I took the top into my mouth. Mmm, he tasted good. As I started to suck on it like a push pop, he couldn’t help but sigh in contentment.  Without warning I went all the way down and paused. “Ahh my God, Shante!” He was fully aware of my oral fixation. He was totally aware that my oral fixation ran only for him for a while. I only craved him.”I crave you.” Just as I was about to say it, I woke up in my room. I woke up with 10 new messages, the train passing by and my clothes layed out.


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