Happy Birthday

So, guys my Birthday is June 8th. I want Daddy to sex me up soooo..this is my fantasy.

As I closed the last file, my brown eyes blinked. I’ve been looking at this screen for too long. My normal curly and full hair was straight and maroon colored and my lips were stained a very bright red. The sunset was beautiful as I transported my clients very last 10 files into the safe box outside. “Happy Birthday again, Shante! So glad to have you here with us!” My supervisor voiced his appreciation. “No problem, I’m glad and blessed to be here. These are the final ten from the inbox and your have a great night!” I yelled as I was running for the elevator. “Hold that please!” was heard from the other side of the second floor as I ran in my two inch heels, my skirt, and my button down blouse. The fishnet stockings were starting to bother my thighs but it was the end of the day and I had a nice bottle of Merlot waiting for me. As I am in the elevator, happy birthday wishes and regards were spread across the ride down. I said my thank yous and proceeded to walk outside. Luckily, it was sunny so my shades were from my in pocket to on my face. Security told me to have fun in my Birthday and to be safe. I said I will. As I was heading out the door, I thought I saw someone’s car outside, parked waiting for me. “It couldn’t be him, he’s probably at home right now…” as I was walking and texting this man, the phone rang. “You look beautiful, but you should really look up when you walk.” I smirked because he still finds reason to get under my skin on my birthday. “You shouldn’t be calling me or even be here. Why am I still talking on the phone with you right now?” I got irritated as the driver side of the car opened and out he came with slacks, a tie, and flowers for me. “Flowers for the birthday girl.” He whispered as he kissed me. I was hearing the office responding as he kissed me and felt my bountiful bottom. “Yes, this is mine.” As I pointed to him. In turn he spanked me and opened the passenger side door for me. I happily got in his car. The doors were locked so I unlocked them and opened his side, showing him a very good amount of cleavage. As we drove away, he smiled and looked at me. “Happy Birthday, Miss Scott, where to?” I answered simply, “Third State Brewing, then I want to make sweet, sweet love. If you want food, we can go to Applebee’s.” He smiled. “I was hoping sweet love was an option. Applebee’s it is but I’m pretty sure Third State is closed.” “Oh so you checked huh?” I was met with a simple smile and chuckle. We were driving and I started to reminisce about how insecure I used to be. Until one night, his weapon of choice to kill my old self was the stoke he had. It was an amazing stroke. Sometimes he went slow and sensual, but he also ravaged me like there was no tomorrow and we had to populate the Earth. I especially loved it when he came in my other hole. He took my anal cherry. And I loved ever minute of it. I snapped out of my revery when the car stopped and were in the parking lot of Ruby Tuesday across the street. “Applebee’s was waaay too full so I made a special reservation for us.” As he walked in, I was greeting by every person that worked there. “Happy Birthday Shante!” As they spoke I began to feel my mascara run. I willed myself not to cry. This was very new and overwhelming to have a surprise like this. “Happy Birthday, my Sunshine.” As he said my pet name, I started getting wet. “Are you wet, Sunshine?” Asking me knowing the answer. “Let’s eat food first, then we can eat each other.” We were there and we saw the prettiest woman. She smiled at him and I immediately grew territorial. He knew how I felt about him. He smiled back and looked at me and winked. I in turn stuck out my tounge and blew a raspberry. “Don’t make me harder by making sexual sounds at me.” I pushed my boobs together until my cleavage popped through the top of my shirt. His eyes looked at me as if to say, “I’m going to fuck you senseless.” I giggled. I got him. As the night went on, it was 9:45 and I already had my cake, my drinks and my man at my side. I was feeling very frisking. I rubbed him through his slacks. “I want this in me when we get to our destination.” He touched my hand. “Oh he will, but first. ” His hands went into my stockings. He noticed I shaved and the fact I wet turned him on. “You are wet. I want you wetter…” As he squeezed my button and rubbed it until I was close to coming. I begged him for release and he pulled through as I squirted through the stockings, into the skirt, just shy of his seats. “Thank you, Mr. Jackson.” Still in a daze from coming so hard. “Took one look at my eyes and knew. He knew I was ready. As we reach our destination, he got out the first, then lead me out second. “My legs, they’re jelly..” As I wobbled down the driveway. “Don’t worry, you’ll be off them soon.” He giggled when i gave him my usual look. “No, stern looks are mine.” He whispered as he opened the door. When we walked through, it smelled like apples and cinnamon, my favorite smell. “Sit down, here.” He led me to a couch and sat on it. He made me sit on him, I was uncomfortable. “So..did you enjoy yourself?” He asked as his hands we once again, in my stockings and under my shirt, massaging my left nipple..the more sensitive one. “Yes…mmmm yes I did.” As he was listening to my distracted talking, he began to kiss my neck. “You like making hard, having on that skirt to make your butt pop out. I wanted to fuck you when you walked out of your job, but I contained myself. I want you to enjoy this as much as I’m going to enjoy this. Happy Birthday, Shante my Sunshine.” With that he giuded me up so he can get off the couch and sat me down. The smile on his face was huge as he ripped my stockings off..leaving nothing but the knees down on my body. He forced my legs apart and for the first time, he licked me. His rough tounge felt so good against my pussy. As I felt I was going to squirt, there was a cold feeling on my clit. It took me by surprise as he had an ice cube in his mouth. “What’s going on down there, I love these sensations.” He hummed into my clit causing me to squirt again for the second time that night. “Don’t move!” As he got up and grabbed a magnum. He took off his slacks and put on the condom on his monster cock…in all his beauty. Thick, long, and pulsing. He was over me as he slowly guided it in my sopping wet pussy. “Mmmm stop teasing me!” As I had the last syllable, he slammed into me causing my breath to disappear into my chest. “I’m going to fuck you hard then fast, I’m going to put you to sleep.” As he was slamming into me, I felt the telltale signs I was going to squirt. He saw the look in my eyes. “Yeah, fucking squirt on him!” As he pounded me senseless. I couldn’t hold it anymore, with a scream, I came on him and myself. At that point he flipped me over. “Put that fucking ass in the air.” He demanded. I was flipped over and my ass was in the air for him. “I’m going to fuck your big ass. I’m going to fuck it then come in it!” as he slammed into me. I was coming just from the sensation alone. “Mmn yes Daddy, fuck me in the ass! I was screaming as he pulled my red hair. I thought u was not able to take anymore as he slammed one one time, rough and quick. “You ready for the come, baby? It’s in there, nice and thick. It’s gonna ooze out and I’ll fuck it again. You hear me?” He stated. “Mmn yes, fuck it again.” I whispered, totally spent. I was then feeling a dip in the bed, then seeing him climb next to me. “Lay into me, I’m going to be the bigger spoon…” I did as I was told and drifted off to sleep. I thought I heard him mumble something but I didn’t quite hear it. Happy Birthday to me.
The END.


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