When Worlds Collide

Dear Readers, this following story is purely fictional, is awesome, and is a collaboration with myself and my best friend. They have yet to make a profile, but they will be soon. You’ll see the connecting and different writing styles and how they work together for the greatness of the story. Thank you for reading, truly, thank you.

She stook there. She stood there in the busy streets of Newbold and Washington Avenue. The red, floral shirt that covered her large, DDD breasts was starting to get loose. She had a pair of black pants on, but she hated them. They were her uniform pants. Songbird’s body was thick, as if she was modeled after a coke bottle. Her long, straight hair was in a bun, however the curly hair she naturally had was under the wig. Her skin normally peanut butter toned, was a cooked caramel thanks to the sun. The city smell was getting to her, but she had a mission to accomplish. The sun was setting. “Songbird to the nest, Songbird to the nest!” She whispered into her earpiece. “Nest to Short Songbird copy.” There was nothing but static, for Songbird did not answer to a direct insult on her height, which was five feet and three inches. “Songbird to Nest, please refrain from using any information on my height to insult me. It only flusters me. Copy.” The deep, baritone chuckle on the other end let her know she was right, as she usually was. “Thank you, for finding me funny.” Songbird proceeded to walk down Washington Avenue into the district she was assigned to. The way her hips swayed made men become nothing more than a stupor. “Hello, how are you?” Songbird asked in a little voice, knowing she was far from that. Songbird was and will forever be a force to be reckoned with. The military background she has, the teachings of her mother, and the abuse from the past made her cold-blooded and calculating. Songbird has the world on her shoulders, but there is a weakness for her. Her emotions she hides. The truth is, Songbird’s heart is so huge, she can barely contain it, making it seep out of her pores when there is a pulling force to be had. “It’s so nice outside! I think I’ll have an ice cream cone.” As Songbird traveled down the streets of the Southern District, she couldn’t help but feel as if she has been followed. “Songbird to Nest, confirm second person along my trail, copy.” She smiled. “Nest to Songbird, second person along your tail. Right along your four.” The infamous Songbird glasses were on as usual, however the glasses were reading her surroundings. The various escape routes. “Songbird, abort mission!” As she was turning a corner, it was a dark alley. She and the one on her four followed her back there. Before Songbird could attack, he shot her with a tranquilizer, making her fighting futile. “Songbird to Nest, help me, copy.” Before everything went black.

Beep. Beep. Beep. The light surroundings and the unfamiliar smell of fresh and sanitized instantly didn’t agree with Songbird. “Ms. Maldonado, we tried everything we could to wake you up, just for you to wake up on your own. Very good.” A so called doctor said to Songbird. The beeping Songbird heard in the darkness became more prominent the more awake she became. “Where am I?” She whispered, truly inquiring about her whereabouts. “You are in Kindred Hospital. I didn’t think you would wake up so soon with the brain trauma, but as I can see, you’re starting to heal at an usual rate.” The doctor had a look in his eyes. As if he knew something he’d rather not share. “Pardon me, Doctor…” leaving it hanging. “Doctor Ryan.” He interrupted. “Yes, Doctor Ryan, how did I come here?” He hesitated. “I don’t think you’re ready for that, Mrs. Maldonado. When you’re fully healed, I’ll explain.” With that he left the room, leaving no space for questioning. As Songbird was in the hospital bed, she inspected herself. The IV in her hand, the fact her hair felt crazy and curly as it usually did, and the scar forming on her stomach led her to believe something tragic happened. As she was looking at the scar, she touched it and it lead to colors and memories bright to the forefront of her mind. In the instant, the heartrate monitor quickened and the sun from outside suddenly went into the clouds. “No!” Songbird cried out. Songbird proceeded to rip out the IV out her hand, the heartrate monitor attachments were off her chest, and searched for any clothing. She found some scrubs. They fit tight around her belly as if she gained a significant amount of weight. The top fit fine, considering her chest was considerably smaller than she remembered. She also had a little bit of trouble finding smaller shoes. The green scrubs and black crocs were going to work for camouflage for the time being. The moment she started walking, she realized how out of place she looked with her wild afro. “Hey girl, could I borrow a hair tie?” She asked a fellow nurse with the same hair texture. “Girl here. Your hair is doing its own thing, huh?” The black woman stated. “Yeah girl, thank you. I’ll pay you back! Gotta run!” A reteating Songbird yelled. She ran down the corridor, people mistaking her quick pace for an emergency room situation. She stopped running when she saw her doctor, ducking into the shadows. “Mrs. Maldonado has permanent damage to her ovary. He took her like a savage and it disgusts me. The scarring is going well. She is so beautiful, inside and out. She spoke for the first time today.” She heard him admire her from afar and it sickened her. The last man that liked from afar…”Songbird stop that!” She whispered to herself. After the doctor passed her, she proceeded to walk slow as to not draw attention to herself. “Doctor! Doctor Ryan the patient is gone!” The commotion was heard as she walked through the front doors of the hospital. The vallet winked at Songbird as she walked past. She simply smiled. Songbird went to the first place she knew of, the bus stop. “Camden, that rings a bell.” She stood there until the bus came around the corner. “Shit. I don’t have money!” She was rustling in the pockets in the scrubs she had on and there a six zone bus pass. “Thanks God. Looking out for me.” She waved the bus pass and sat down to the back of the bus. Time passed and Songbird figured out what she could be doing. She decided to go back home, to Perth Amboy. Her place of birth, her place of origin. There was a jolt of the bus as the bus driver looked back and stated this was the last stop. It seemed as if they were in some sort of transportation center. The bus driver smiled and said to enjoy your day. Songbird smiled her billion dollar smile and whispered you too. “What is this place? Water, Walter Reed? Walter Rand?” Songbird decided to find out later. The people milling around made her think of..him. Songbird’s memories came to the forefront of her mind, giving her a severe headache. “You alright ma’am?” A employee asked. “I just have a slight headache sir, that’s all!” with a quick disarming smile. “Well you be safe out there, there’s all types of people out there.” He drew a concerned look on his face. “I’m fine, I promise!” Again, Songbird’s million dollar smile. As Songbird walked away, something, perhaps a wind blew on her back, urging her to turn around. As Songbird turned around, her eyes seen one of the most interesting men she had ever seen. He looked rather light, but it seemed as if he had the safe gift as her. Impossible. Her pupils widened as she looked at him and that’s when her power came back. It was a shock to her system so Songbird hurried along to the outside of the building. The sun made her feel better, but it also burned her eyes and skin. As Songbird went with the crowd, she noticed a train station. “What the fuck is this place?” she asked herself. “Attention, Walter Rand Passengers, the next train to Waterfront Entertainment Center will be here in the next 5 minutes.” She heard the announcement and decided she would go the other way. After twenty minutes in the sun, her eyes stung. The train whizzed past her. “I’ll catch the other one in the other direction. Maybe get off halfway.” Reverting back to her childhood, Songbird started to people watch. “Okay, Barbara, you must watch their eyes, their hands, and their spine. Their spine dictates the rest of the body. Always look into their eyes. You don’t need your eyes showing, Barbara. Always wear sunglasses. Your eyes are one of your greatest gifts. You have very special eyes. You have the universe in them. Protect your eyes, then others.” Her Stepfather’s voice through head, then the scars he left on her came to mind. “That’s why I disabled love and emotion. I seen what it always does. Love brings harm to the parties.” Songbird’s eyes lit up as she watched people, getting into her comfort zone. As she heard the train horn, she smiled. “Finally.” She sat back and enjoyed the half an hour ride. People constantly looked at her, with inquiring eyes. Songbird simply smiled and nodded. When she got off the train, the person that came to mind was another agent in this area. “Here I come Tyease!” She smiled for that was her first lover, her best friend, and her “twin”. They looked similar. Tyease’s chest was simply bigger, while Barbara was bottom heavy.

As Barbara was getting some more shrimp Alfredo, Tyease was disgusted. It wasn’t the first time she heard of an agent getting hurt, but this was her closet friend from Agent Class. “This isn’t right..” Tyease pondered. “Stop thinking about my situation, Lizzy Lezzy.” Barbara whispered. “You got hurt, how can you be so happy? Where is your hurt and anger? It’s okay to be angry.” Tyease suggested. “I disabled emotions, remember? I did it for the greater good. Songbird had to be sensitive without discharging emotions.” Barbara countered. “You are Barbara before you are Songbird. Songbird is an agent name, Barbara is your life.” Barbara gritted her teeth, for she knew Tyease was right. “Come on, Songbird, let’s go to sleep.” Tyease then gave Songbird a cover, she was always cold. “Until next time, Songbird.” A kiss on the forehead was all Songbird felt before she escaped into the darkness. “Songbird to base, Songbird to base! Please say something!” was all she heard before her world went black. The last thing she saw and felt was a needle in her arm and her clothes being ripped off. Assaulter drugged her. Then he admired her body and loved her tits. They were so fucking huge. He licked them and he instantly thought of Hershey kisses. He looked into her eyes. They sparkled even as she was unconscious, they had the universe in them. He took off the black pants she had on and noticed the fat pussy she owned. It was nicely shaven clean. He took out his cock and it already hard for her. He plunged into her and felt the pull of her muscles. She was fucking tight! He could barely move in and out of her tight little pussy. As he was entering his climax, he was stabbed. “You sick fuck!” A baritone voice yelled. Before the man died, he was sure to try and destroy evidence. A knife was out into her side, where her right ovary is, and with that pain, Songbird awoken. A cry of pain was heard then sirens were heard. “I’m so sorry Songbird! I’m so sorry!” Nest cried into her hair as he held her. He had the decency to take of his agent jacket and lay it across her vulnerable body. “Officers here! Please help us!” As they were rushing over, he took her earpiece out and her wallet out her pocket and replaced it her civilian wallet. “You’ll thank me later, Songbird.” Everything was a blur for Barbara as she heard sirens and other voices. “Oh fuck, we’re losing her!” The voices echoed inbher head as she regained consciousness that morning. “Barbara, it’s okay!” Tyease whispered into her curly hair as Barbara struggled against the invisible assailant. A simple tear escaped her eye. “Thank you, Jesus.” Tyease whispered into her hair. The healing has begun.

It’s 9:35a.m., which means this bus should be leaving in ten minutes. “Attention Walter Rand Passengers, the 407 bus going to Moorestown Mall will depart from Gate 6 in the next five minutes.” Songbird began to get used to the announcements New Jersey Transit made all the time. As she was getting her money ready, she looked into the bus drivers eyes and it sparked a memory somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind. He was fine. He was a powerhouse. But what can’t she read his aura, his body, his eyes? Songbird was instantly intrigued. The music playing was “It G Ma Remix”, a trap song. ” Moorestown, please.” Songbird put on her best smile while trying to read him while she was closer. “Okay, two dollars and seventy five cents.” He seemed unfased and even perhaps knew what Songbird was trying to do. Impossible. “I’ll tell you a riddle.” An older man on bus shouted. He said a riddle that was a test question on the agent entry test. “Mary.” Songbird carelessly stated as she was trying to read this man. “Who is this man? I can’t find a base for his purpose. There’s no ill will coming from him but, where is his emotion? His laugh is hilarious. But his eyes, they have the same gift. That’s impossible. I love his eyes, it’s like a mirror. They are so brown.” As Songbird was having this internal monologue with herself, the responses she made to the current conversation luckily fit the criELAPSED
“How old do you think I am?” Songbird shouted. She was actually having fun with this man, on this bus. “I would like say, Twenty-Six.” He answered. “You’re way off, sir.” Songbird answered. As she was smiling having fun, another pair of eyes looked from the back of the bus, smiling for he seen she was okay. The healing process was almost complete. Fate was nice enough to make it a lot more easier for her by placing her right in the bus of him. The man in question knew of his Destiny, or part of it. Songbird had to find out for herself. “This is going to be fun to watch!” Nest laughed.

As Songbird took the last sip of her drink, she felt tipsy and frisky. “Sir, are you going to spank me?” Songbird whispered as she looked him in eyes, showing him just how much she wanted him. “Yes, princess, I will spank you then fuck you until you come. Then I’ll fuck you in the ass. Would you like that?” He whispered softly. Songbird’s heartrate quickened and her button pulsated. “It could be a birthday present for us both.” Songbird giggled. The alcohol was definitely getting to her. “Come, we are leaving.” This voice left no argument for Songbird to make. She simply giggled and followed him. As he led her out, the ass grab as expected. So was the smack that sounded like thunder in the parking lot. Guiding her into the car, there were those same eyes on the bus. “It’s Showtime!” As they drove, Songbird giggled. She always had her inside jokes. “What’s so funny?” He asked. “Oh nothing.” she snapped. Then giggled again. “Daddy is going to rub your button until you come in my car. Understand?” She didn’t understand what he saying until his hands were in her pants finding the button, then rubbing it..making her slick with desire. “Mmmm fuck. Yes, right there..please don’t stop!” As he was wiggling her button, Songbird’s hand tried to stop him, she was about to squirt. “No, okay now I want you to stop. I’m going to squirt!” He had a sadistic smile on his face, “Oh, I know. When you do, I’m going to make you taste it. I’ll make you taste your own juices. Would you like that?” He asked as Songbird was feeling the coil in her stomach release. “Ohhh fuck I’m coming!” She yelled as she squirted in her seat. “Good Sunshine. Mmmm, you’re so wet, all the better.” As hovered his fingers around her button, the after shocks make her release more of her juices. “Ohh, you’re not done. Mmmm, good.” He took his hand and coaxed her mouth open. “Mmmm good, Sunshine..Clean my hands.” His fingers went lower into her throat and she greedily accepted him down there. As they were having this sexual experience, they reached their destination. “I’m going to make love to you, Sunshine. I’m not going to fuck you because that’s rushed. I’m going to make sweet, slow, sensual love. Understand?” Songbird smiled and understood exactly what Daddy said. “Take me and make love to me.” Songbird stated. “I was planning on it, Impatient Queen.” He led her by the hand, kissing it every two steps. She blushed and giggled every time, as if she was a school girl. They reached the door and it opened with a swipe. “Where does that look familiar from?” Songbird pondered as they stepped into a cool house. Her pants were wet, she had endorphins in her system and it wasn’t over. As they walked she realized the actual size of the house is rather deceptive considering from the outside it doesn’t seem this huge. They reached the living room. “Stay here, and don’t come without permission.” He scolded. “Fuck, he does it again. I hate it when he reads my mind. He must be special in some sort of way. I just like him too much. Maybe he’s here to protect me against the evil. No, but who will protect him? Everyone has to be protected. No, he’s just a man. There is no such thing as Destiny. This pull is just because I want his dick. That’s all. When we have sex, it’ll be great. Mmmm yes, bet his tounge can do twirls on my clit. But then I can suck him dry so it’s pretty even.” Having this internal monologue, she was watched by him. Being admired. “Barbara is special. Oh so special. I’m not going anywhere.” He then popped up and scared Barbara. “Come, we have something to do.” He led her into a room full of candles, all her favorite colors. “Awwwww, thank you Daddy for making this a romantic getaway for me. I appreciate it.” He smiled. “You’re welcome. You deserve it.” He led Barbara to the bed. She sat and he started to take off his slacks. For some reason, it always turned her on to look down below his waist. It made her button throb in anticipation. “Take off those wet pants.” He responded. She in turn did it, ashamed on her behalf. She had a belly. A big one. He saw the look and felt the feeling. “I like it. I like you. Stop hiding from me. I thought we put an end to you hiding or running from me.” He whispered in her ear while rubbing her clit and also her nipple as if he was a cellist. “I know but I don’t look like regular…” The rubbing on Barbara’d clit became frenzied, then stopped. “To the bed, Sunshine.” Barbara went on the bed, then he commanded, “Legs open, all the way. I wanna see that squirt.” She did as he told her to do. As he come down to her flower, she felt weird about having a man down there. It showed. “I know you don’t have anyone down here, but you’re going to get used to me. That’s final. There’s lots of things you’re going to get used to, with me being in your life, but for now, enjoy this.” He proceeded to eat her flower, as if he was starving and that would fill him. Barbara was close. She was so close to coming, but he stopped again. He rose up and sat in between her legs. Her arms behind her head, sweat all over her face, and her breasts rising so her lungs could get more air. She was beautiful. Barbara is his caramel Sunshine. And there’s no running she could ever do to get away from him. He slowly entered her flower, making her gasp and smile. “Could you go slower?” He giggled for the first time today, “You’re so tight, this is already tourchure to me. I just wanna screw you into full submission, but, this is your night..enjoy it.” He was fully in, he leaned over and kissed her then started to kiss her neck down to her breasts. He pulled out then slammed out, causing her to squeal in pleasure and bounce her chest due to the force. The look Barbara gave him was priceless. “You can give me dirty looks, I like it.” He stated with every word, another thrust. She was close, for the third time, and he could feel it. “Tell me what you want.” He whispered in her ear. “I wanna come! Please let me come!” He sported a sadistic smile, “Only because you asked.” He allowed her to come, which included her squirting on herself, his rather large cock, and in between her rather larger ass cheeks. He used Barbara’s come as lube to stick his finger into her asshole. “Mmmm what are you doing?” Barbara questioned. “I’m preparing to make you mine.” He snapped back. The finger went into her asshole, the two, then three. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass, Sunshine. Is that okay?” She nodded. “I’m ready.” He flipped her over and started to rub her clit and he entered her hole. “Mm, this feels weird, but I like it. I’ll give him a squeeze..” As Barbara squeezed him in her hole, she giggled. “Oh you think that’s funny?” He spanked her ass. “Mmmm please may I have another?” He laughed. “I know you like that, so no.” He himself was close. “Sunshine, I’m going to come in your ass.” He did so with such power. She loved it. He stayed in her as he grabbed her waist and pulled her to the bed and slept together.


“This island is beautiful!” Songbird yelled to her Daddy. “Yes, Sunshine I know. I’m from this island, ya know. Family wise.” She threw her shoe at him. “I’ll spank you with this, but then again, that’s what you want isn’t it?” Songbird giggled, he was right. “You won’t do anything anyway. Stop threatening me with a good time.” Songbird had on a Bikini top with a pair of white pants. She lost her belly and came to terms with her size, she loved it and so did her Daddy. So many things happened, but God always watched over her. She loved her life, good and bad. He was her match..and beyond that. He was meant to always be five steps ahead of her. The God watching over them knew what he was doing when they were created. She was his strength and weakness as well. Their daughter (she fully accepted his daughter as hers) was still in the car so she didn’t hear the dialog. “This is the beginning, not the end. P.O.P. hold it down, Songbird. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, but he can now.” Nest looked on with his blue eyes, blonde hair, and tan skin. He was an all-American boy if you seen him. Tall, buff, yet very smart and dreamy. He was glad she healed from the wound that bastard did to her, both mentally and physically. He was also glad she finally met her match.


Thank You Bestie for collaborating this with me. I love you!

How many of you wanna see a story about “Nest” ?


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