The crazy thing about liking someone is that you accept them for everything and nothing at the same time. You understand what those things can be. An yet..sometimes it hurts to face them. For example, when a present significant other is still emotionally attached to someone (an ex-girlfriend, ex-husband..etc) it puts a strain on the relationship. It hurts the significant other to the point that they have to drop everything. More specifically significant others that may have depression or anxiety disorders. The words and presence only calm so much before the situation sets in and it starts to eat at you. The facts are:

• You are my weakness. Everything you do, look at me..touch me..that smile sets me aflame.

• You do hurt. You hurt by no fault of your own. When I decided I would move forward with you, I knew you were still emotionally attached to her. That’s okay. I feel as if things will actually get better with you and another.

•Its actually my own fault I’m hurting as I am. I do believe by me admitting that, I am beginning to heal. I don’t think, no I know in the pit of my heart you don’t care like I care and that’s okay. It’s honestly not okay but I don’t think, no I know things will not change. In me saying that…

• I have to purge you out of my system. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. It hurts even thinking of doing so as if it’s the ultimate wrong thing to do but to keep myself from breaking my own heart over and over, it’s something that I must do.

• You are the first cut. The first like. The first person to bring my vulnerability to the light of day. What you give me is all you can give. I was willing to give you my all. But I don’t know if that’s possibly okay.

• The submission from me to you was real. Still is real. Will always be real. I will always submit to you.

•If this was meant to be, therewouldn’t be so much pain. You fight for things that are worth it but there is no longer any fight within me.

•When you think of the first time we ever conversed..did you really have the intention of keeping everything going this long? Thought not. Let’s just call it off and I’ll go my way and you go yours. Should our paths cross, we shall act as foreigners in a foreign land.

Goodbye, Daddy.



Your PussyCat.




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