As She Took the Last Step

The last thing she remembered was the way he looked at her. His light brown eyes, the smile that was on his face. She looked in his eyes knowing the end of the friendship was ending soon. The tears in her eyes wouldn’t stop as she remembered the Good Times. The actual ending of the friendship was not something to be sad about, it was something to be happy about. The fact of the matter was something was going to be blooming and something was beginning. However the end the death of their friendship was going to give birth of a new one and she was so happy. The cable between them was now easier to cut comma and she had every intention of doing so. She did not wish to hurt him, but the reality was there and it hurt her more than it would ever hurt him. He did not see what was going to happen because he rejected it and he didn’t believe it was going to happen, but she knew to the first day they met it would it be okay it wouldn’t last long, but she still loved him and she still cared, it hurt to know what the end result would be. So now, she looks at her phone comma she looks at the picture of him and her daughter, and seas the ordained beginning and ending of another relationship. She is very happy for them, and this is her goodbye letter. She wishes she was Stronger, she wishes she was better, she wishes she was less emotional, but this is what it is and this is what it isn’t. She wishes them the best, and she hopes maybe one day they might cross paths again. She hopes that he deletes her out of his life as soon as possible, the sooner he can do that this sooner and better he’ll be.


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